Preparation and High Resolution Separation of Peptides Using Two-dimensional LC–MS

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Analysing proteins and other large molecules presents a significant challenge to analytical scientists. There are two common approaches referred to as ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’. It is the latter approach that will be discussed in this presentation.

A ‘bottom up’ approach is based around breaking down the original sample which in itself could contain many hundreds of proteins into their constituent peptides. There are several ways in which this can be achieved and advice will be given as to which approach should be taken as well as some of the pitfalls associated with the use of these approaches.

Discussion topics include a one and two dimentional approach while also considering the detection possibilities available to the analytical scientist for the analysis of complex peptide mixtures, in particular the use of fast scanning mass spectrometers. The discussion will then progress onto the use of more novel phases that have been shown to have substantial advantages in the area of peptide analysis, in particular because of the improved orthogonality of the second dimension to the traditional ion exchange materials.


Alasdair Matheson

LCGC Europe


Tony Edge

Technical Manager
Chromatography Consumables
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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