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Best Practices for Database Security and Compliance
As the amount of digital information continues to grow, so do the challenges of safeguarding that data. Two-thirds of sensitive and regulated data resides in databases, yet most IT Security programs fail to adequately address database security.

Please join Tom Kyte, of the AskTom column and Senior Technical Architect at Oracle, to learn about the threats every IT Database and Security administrator needs to be aware of. Tom will also discuss best practices for securing your databases including:
  • Preventing SQL injection attacks
  • Encrypting sensitive enterprise data
  • Enforcing least privilege and separation of duties
  • Auditing database activity
  • Masking non-production environments

Tom Kyte
Senior Technical Architect, Oracle

Troy Kitch
Senior Manager Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle

Best Practices for Database Activity Monitoring and Blocking

Without the right protection, even some of the most security-conscious organizations may not be prepared for the latest stealth attacks—Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs. In fact, according to some industry reports, over 60 percent of organizations are susceptible to these persistent attackers.

Join us to hear Steve Moyle, Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Database Firewall, explain these new attacks and the best practices for efficient database activity monitoring, alerting and blocking that can help prevent SQL injection attacks and other threats from reaching your enterprise databases.


Steve Moyle
Chief Technology Officer, Oracle Database Firewall

Troy Kitch
Senior Manager, Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle

Best Practices for Database Auditing, Alerting and Reporting
Organizations are often unsure of the best way to effectively audit their databases in order to comply with industry and government regulations, maintain customer trust, and ultimately stay out of data breach headlines. Hear from Paul Needham, Sr. Director, Database Security Product Management at Oracle as he discusses best practices for database auditing, alerting and reporting across Oracle and non-Oracle databases using Oracle Audit Vault. You will also hear how customers use Oracle Audit Vault to automatically collect and consolidate their audit trails into a centralized secure repository for detecting and alerting on suspicious activity and enabling regulatory compliance.


Paul Needham
Sr. Director, Database Security Product Management

Troy Kitch
Senior Manager, Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle

Best Practices for Transparent Data Encryption
Encrypting sensitive information to enable regulatory compliance and protect data privacy is essential for most organizations. But how do you encrypt data at rest and in transit without incurring risky and costly application changes? Roxana Bradescu, Director of Database Security Product Management at Oracle, will discuss how these pitfalls can be avoided by following best practices for data encryption throughout the enterprise using Oracle Advanced Security. During this webcast you will also hear how Oracle customers are using Transparent Data Encryption to protect their customer’s personally identifiable information without any application changes.


Roxana Bradescu
Director, Database Security Products, Oracle

Troy Kitch
Senior Manager, Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle

Best Practices for Database Privileged User Access Control
Insider threats and stolen credentials continue to account for the greatest incidents of data breaches and loss. During this webcast Kamal Tbeileh, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Oracle, will discuss database access control best practices for all database users, including highly privileged users using Oracle Database Vault. You'll learn how to enforce who can access what data, and when and how that data is accessed in order to prevent application bypass and enable secure database consolidation. You will also hear how the Oracle customers are using Oracle Database Vault and Oracle Database 11g to protect sensitive data and comply with regulatory mandates.


Kamal Tbeileh
Sr. Principal Product Manager, Database Security Products, Oracle

Troy Kitch
Senior Manager, Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle

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