MySQL Embedded Online Forum:
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Think You Know MySQL? Get the Facts.

MySQL is even better than you think. According to the experts, it’s easier to use and it’s more capable than most ISVs / OEMs realize, and by taking a few tried-and-tested steps before shipping your MySQL-embedded products, you can lower your product’s costs and increase its performance.

Join our expert-created and delivered MySQL Embedded Online Forum to learn:
  • Why MySQL is a great embedded database for startups as well as the largest software, hardware, and appliance vendors in the world, and how its features ensure costs remain low throughout an application's life cycle.
  • MySQL installation options that require minimal or zero end user effort and how to easily build them into your application
  • How to secure MySQL embedded in applications, appliances, and devices
  • Tips to simplify your integration with MySQL using the most popular MySQL Connectors and guidance on selecting the settings that will maximize your application’s performance
  • Why MySQL delivers excellent performance and how to go beyond the default settings to optimize MySQL’s queries, reporting, and search capabilities

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