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It’s Not the Field, It’s the Players

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Time: 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes
Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, presented by Enterprise 2.0

Watch your local Pee-wee football team’s practice sometime and you’ll see a lot of dropped passes, missed tackles, and other mistakes. But…what would happen if you put that team on Heinz Field and they had all the same amenities as the Pittsburgh Steelers? Yep, they still wouldn’t be able to complete a pass, kick a field goal or hold onto the ball. Clearly, just because they were put on a better field and given the latest equipment doesn’t mean they will suddenly learn to play football.

Similarly, simply adding the latest Enterprise 2.0 platform behind your firewall doesn’t mean your employees will suddenly learn to collaborate with one another. Collaboration doesn’t happen because you install the latest Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business software. It happens because they have a reason to collaborate. It happens when they are rewarded for sharing information. It happens when they like working with the people around them. In this webinar, learn the secrets to getting your employees to share and collaborate with one another. Here’s a hint – it’s not about the technology, it’s about your people!

  • Learn why even the most feature-rich Enterprise 2.0 implementations will fail unless you also focus on change management, user adoption and community management
  • Learn change management tactics you can apply now to get people collaborating more often, no matter what technology your organization has


Paige Finkelman, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference and The BrainYard.com

After an international tour through law and video game publishing, Paige Finkelman joined UBM TechWeb in 2007. As General Manager of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference and The BrainYard.com, Paige guides the direction and positioning of the event and website, part of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network. She also serves as Chairperson for the Launch Pad competitions held in conjunction with the conference, working closely with start ups in the collaboration space. Paige is @peepf on Twitter.


Walton Smith, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton

Walton Smith leads the Booz Allen's Collaboration practice, as well as the internal corporate investment strategy to bolster the Knowledge Management and Information Sharing Program, including the Hello.bah.com platform. He steered the successful Enterprise/Gov 2.0 engagement across multiple teams improving the flow of information to and from consulting staff, and increasing the value of collaborative outcomes for non-profit and governmental agencies. He ensured adoption and usage of the new enterprise program by integrating change management strategy with the implementation of IT technologies including social networking and enterprise search. For this, Hello.bah.com was awarded the "Open Enterprise 2009 Innovation Award" at TechWeb's Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

Steve Radick, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Steve Radick is one of the leaders for Booz Allen’s Digital Strategy and Social Media practice, working with his clients to integrate social media into their organizational strategies. One of his favorite sayings is that “it’s not about the technology, but what the technology enables.” Steve blogs about his approach to public relations, communications, Enterprise 2.0, and social media on his blog, “Social Media Strategery,” located at www.steveradick.com. Steve was named one of PRNews’ 15 to Watch for in 2009 and was a contributing author to the Gov 2.0 book, “State of the eUnion, Government 2.0 and Onwards.“ He serves on the Advisory Boards for the SmartBrief on Social Media, Governingpeople.com, and SMCEDU, and is also an “Expert Blogger” for AIIM’s Enterprise 2.0 Community.