Architecting a Modern Approach to Data Management
Recorded on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 09:00 AM PDT

Applications are changing – they’re increasingly web-oriented, global in nature and run from multiple device types. Additionally, the volume of data is growing exponentially every year. How do you ensure your applications have fast, accurate, up-to-date information in this new world? Modern applications are data-intensive; delivering data the old way using monolithic databases isn’t working. What’s needed is a modern approach to data. One that scales-out as needed and delivers predictable high performance, but without sacrificing data consistency or integrity.

This webcast will review best practices for architecting a modern data management platform including:
  • Why traditional RDBMS is not well-suited for modern applications
  • The need for both low- latency, high-performance data and scale-out
  • The need to execute code when and where it’s most needed—more important even than providing fast access to data
  • The role and benefits of deploying a distributed in-memory data fabric
Featured Speaker:
Charlie Black, Enterprise Architecture Specialist, VMware

"The database tier of applications is undergoing significant change in application modernization for speed, scalability and cost reasons." -- Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Business Process Management and Middleware, IDC
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