Dave Fellman
Dave Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, a sales & marketing consulting firm serving numerous segments of the graphic arts industry. He's a popular speaker who has delivered keynotes and seminars at hundreds of events across the United States, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. He is the author of "Sell More Printing" (2009) and a senior contributing columnist for Quick Printing magazine for more than 20 years. His articles on sales, marketing and management topics have also appeared in Wide-Format Imaging magazine in the United States, Graphic Monthly in Canada, Image and OnDemand magazines in Australia, African Printer, New Zealand Printer, and a variety of other publications around the world.
Joe Rickard
Joe Rickard is a training leader and consultant dedicated to the Graphic Communications Industry. He works with printing and technology organizations to improve their sales and operational effectiveness. Joe founded Intellective Solutions LLC to serve the fast growing digital printing market. Intellective Solutions Inc. is a provider of consulting and training material and services.

Joe is a leading industry advocate of digital printing. He an outstanding motivator and speaks frequently at industry and corporate events including On Demand, Graph Expo and PODI. Joe writes a popular column, Sales Clinic, for the Printing News and MyPrintResource.com. He is the author of Value-Based Pricing for The New Business of Printing®. His company, Intellective Solutions develops customized training and consults for leading print provider organizations worldwide.

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Session 1: Prospecting in the 21st Century
Presented by Dave Fellman, President of David Fellman & Associates

If you want to make more money, you probably have to do more prospecting! More than that, though, you have to do it effectively. No one wants to make cold calls — or to receive them! — but that's OK, because in this fast-moving webinar program, Dave Fellman will teach you a better and warmer way to build your business. It's a step-by-step, process approach to prospecting, facing each of the many prospecting challenges in turn, and it includes both traditional and social media networking.

You’ll learn how to identify good "suspects" and then how to identify the real decision-maker, how to qualify or disqualify prospects according to the three key criteria, and how to prospect within your current accounts for new opportunities — including Marketing Services opportunities. This webinar is intended for owners and salespeople. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve both your prospecting skills and strategy.

Session 2: Sales Management: Finding and Keeping Good Salespeople
Presented by Dave Fellman, President of David Fellman & Associates

“As I look at the industry,” the printer said, “I see great things being done on the production end. We have fantastic capabilities. We’re just not very good on the selling end, or at sales management. I think most of us struggle with finding and keeping good salespeople.” It’s an age-old problem. Where do you find good salespeople and how do you keep them? Obviously there's more to finding good salespeople than running an ad in the paper or on monster.com, and just as obviously, there's more to keeping them than fair compensation.

You’ll learn how to profile the ideal candidate for your sales position, how to “network” for candidates who aren’t even looking for a job right now, the right questions to ask in the interview stage, how to test for the most important “success factors”, and how to build loyalty that goes beyond compensation. Don’t continue to make hiring mistakes — or motivational mistakes! This webinar will unlock tow of the most important “secrets” of sales management.

Session 3: The Essentials of Selling the Value of Web 2 Print
Presented by Joe Rickard, President of Intellective Solutions LLC

The essential sales building blocks to capture the new growth in Web services
For many salespeople, the transition to web-enabled print services has been challenging. Because of the pervasive use of the Web, printing salespeople must adapt to new realities. Providing selling demos to customers has not been the traditional job of a printing salesperson…but it is now. Salespeople can gain an advantage for themselves and their companies by thoroughly knowing their W2P system and then be able to comfortably link the benefits of their system to their customer’s business and workflows.

Joe Rickard will share ideas and best practices on how to develop and fine tune your selling practices to sell W2P programs and services.

What He Will Share
  • What is the opportunity for Printing Salespeople and print providers
  • Why customers need and want W2P solutions
  • How to position W2P with a customer
  • What skills and behaviors are required to deliver an effective selling demo
  • How to sell the value to key stakeholders
  • What are the common objections

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