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Escape from JEE Bloat: Implementing a Lightweight Application Server Architecture
Today’s application teams face the challenges of delivering applications on time and with the scalability needed to meet the requirements of business owners and changing business demand. Traditional Java EE (JEE) application servers, however, present barriers of complexity, cost and resource consumption that make it difficult for application teams to meet these challenges. As a result, businesses are increasingly rethinking their application server infrastructure and its suitability to meet today’s requirements, including support for mobile applications, in-memory databases, auto-scaling, and virtual and cloud infrastructure. VMware vFabric™ tc Server meets these challenges. This modern, lightweight Java application server is built on a rock-solid Apache Tomcat foundation and adds capabilities that dramatically improve developer productivity, monitoring and manageability - whether on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure.

Attend this webcast to learn about:
  • Determining whether to move to VMware vFabric tc Server
  • Recommended tc Server architecture
  • tc Server support for mobile applications
  • Rapid diagnosis of performance problems
  • Implementing auto-recovery and auto-scaling
  • Integrating tc Server with in-memory data grids
  • Maximizing tc Server density on virtual infrastructure

  • Online VMware Forum 2012: A Virtual Conference
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