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Information Lifecycle Management: Less Hype, More Reality
In this Webcast, you’ll learn about the Information Lifecycle Management platform that can manage your data during every phase of its lifecycle and help you:
  • Gain flexibility to quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements without impacting your existing applications
  • Leverage cost-effective storage devices to reduce costs when retaining large volumes of data over its lifetime
  • Define and enforce policies to meet regulatory compliance
Speakers: Margaret Hamburger and Kevin Jernigan

Storage Management in Private Clouds
In this Webcast, you’ll learn how to consolidate existing databases onto a private cloud and benefit from simplified storage management. See how storage resources can be virtualized and shared in private clouds for:
  • Easier provisioning and management of storage
  • Improved availability of data in consolidated database environments
  • More flexible and efficient use of storage hardware
Speakers: Margaret Hamburger and Ara Shakian

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