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Using 4G Wireless to Power Your Corporate Network

This webinar was originally broadcast on:
Thursday, July 21, 2011 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT

Today enterprises operate at lightning speed, requiring fast, reliable, and immediate connectivity, as well as the ability to respond quickly to changing business needs. As more and more cloud based applications are deployed in the enterprise, the demand for business continuity solutions to keep the enterprise connected is a critical business challenge. T1 connections are no longer fast enough, nor can enterprises afford to wait several weeks – or even months – to get wireline circuits installed. T1s are also more costly, and cost management is critical to success in today’s economy.

Join us to discover how enterprises can create a secure wireless WAN with 4G and ensure network continuity, and how a 4G fixed access solution can reduce costs, enhance productivity, and offer more flexibility than wireline services.

What Attendees will learn:
  • How 4G wireless connectivity can enable enterprises to launch new branches, or set up remote sites in a matter of days
  • Impact of redundant 4G and 3G connections on network reliability
  • Types of applications that make sense for a wireless WAN

    Who should attend:
  • IT Professionals
  • Senior Network Engineers / Infrastructure Architects
  • Network Operations
  • Infrastructure Engineering


    Paul Kapustka
    Editor and Founder, Sidecut Reports

    As editor and founder of Sidecut Reports, which he launched in 2007, Paul Kapustka continues a career trying to make literal sense out of complex computer and networking-related subject matter, a quest that began in earnest in 1991 when he joined Unix Today! as a networking beat reporter. Through the many blog posts and thousands of reports downloaded by Sidecut Reports readers Kapustka has established the site as a go-to spot for breaking news and market-making analysis of the emerging 4G wireless marketplace.

    Prior to starting Sidecut Reports, Kapustka served as managing editor and staff writer for the GigaOM blog; prior to that, he was vice president for online content at Pulvermedia, where he produced the VONosphere news site.

    Old-school networking industry types may remember Kapustka from his numerous editorial posts inside the CMP Media empire, as editor of the Networking Pipeline and Advanced IP Pipeline web sites, or further back in stints at InternetWeek, CommunicationsWeek, Open Systems Today! and Unix Today! And of course there was the brief rock-and-roll era where as lead singer for Kludge Kapustka spread terror and parody across the trade-show party land.

    During the first bubble, Kapustka was an online columnist for the original Red Herring (where he had the first-ever interview with Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, and once told Eric Schmidt to get a new job) before moving on to become an editor-at-large for optical networking news site Light Reading.

    Much, much earlier, Kapustka began his professional career as a sports writer at the Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera, where his main beats were bicycle racing and skiing. A 1984 graduate of the University of Colorado, Kapustka can be reached best via email to kaps at sidecutreports.com.


    Dave Fischbach
    General Manager-Solutions Engineering, Sprint

    With over ten years experience in supporting and implementing strategic solutions at Sprint, Dave Fischbach’s expertise includes management of new product launches, device and product certification, documentation, Engineer training, and high visibility issue resolution. Dave has been champion and led implementation of major initiatives, acting as the lead fix agent, project manager, and technical subject matter expert.

    Dave meets regularly with CEO/CIO customers regarding Sprint’s converged IP and wireless solutions, and collaborates with Product Development, Sales, IT, and Network to manage vendor/partner relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Specialties include wireless networks, Unix Systems, statistical and numerical analysis, and network design.

    Dave has 5+ years experience in Doctoral level (Physics) project management, including laboratory research, experimental techniques, data analysis, computer modeling, equipment purchasing, and personnel training.


    Carl Ford
    Community Developer 4GWE
    Crossfire Media

    Carl Ford is Co-Founder of Crossfire Media focused on the impact of communications technology on consumers and industry. Carl has been highlighting the key initiatives around the advances of the Commercial Internet since the beginning. From developing product and service strategies to moderating meetings at ETSI, Carl’s 20+ years have always focused on the impact that service cost, regulatory and marketing issues have on rolling out new services.

    As a community developer for Pulvermedia, Carl developed all of the VON Conference content. As an integral part of the IP Communications community, Carl has been instrumental in helping develop various trade organizations and has advised many companies on both strategic and technical issues to satisfy the needs of these company’s customers.
    survey research. Erik began his professional career at management consulting firm Leadership Research Institute.

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