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NewBay Media and InfoComm have partnered together to launch Digital Signage 2011, a complimentary, innovative virtual conference for digital signage professionals. You will find it all here — virtual tradeshow booths, a jam-packed conference featuring industry experts, downloadable reference files, and much more.

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1.) Which market segment BEST describes your business? (Select one only)*(01) Retail
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(04) Medical
(05) Gaming
(06) Financial
(07) Restaurants
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(09) Exhibit/Tradeshows
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(99) Other
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2.) What is your job title? (Select one only)*(01) Owner/President/VP/Corporate Management
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(07) Technician/Installation/Service
(08) Education/Training
(09) Network Operator/Owner
(99) Other
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3.) What is your role in dynamic digital signage? (Select one only)*(01) I am a Systems Integrator, providing digital signage products and services including installation and Maintenance
(02) I am a Design Consultant, spec’ing digital signage products and services and/or advising end-users on product/system selection
(03) I am an end-user of digital signage products and services
(99) Other
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4.) What is your role in the purchase process? (Select one only)(01) Decision made only by you
(02) Decision made by you in consultation with others
(03) No role in the decision making process
5.) When do you plan on installing your next dynamic digital signage project? (Select one only)(01) Within 3 months
(02) Between 3 to 6 months
(03) Between 6 to 12 months
(04) Greater than 1 year
6.) How much is your company planning on investing in Digital Signage products in the next year? (Select one only)(01) Under $100,000
(02) $100,000 - $500,000
(03) $500,000 - $1 million
(04) Over $1 million
7.) What products are you interested in purchasing/selling over the next year? (check ALL that apply)(01) Plasma
(02) LCD
(03) Projectors
(04) Software
(05) Playback Systems
(06) Routers/Switchers
(07) Audio Systems
(99) Other
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