Publishing Production Outsourcing: Wolters Kluwer's Formula for Success

How will you move from a print to a digital paradigm? When it comes to today’s most pervasive production challenge, most publishers don’t think they have the budget or the know-how to get started. Meanwhile, their competitors have been busy outsourcing key production processes and benefitting from shorter time-to-market, increased revenues and reduced costs. In this 60 minute webinar, find out how contemporary publishing service providers are effectively changing the print/digital equation. From digital workflow and content strategies, to cutting-edge eReader technologies, learn how to leverage your own core competencies while augmenting those that you don’t have – and choose not to build – with a publishing services partner. Neil Schmidt, Vice President of Operations, will share how successful partnerships with off-shore vendors have helped Wolters Kluwer reduce costs, accelerate support of media neutral publishing strategies, while maintaining and/or improving quality and on time performance.
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