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Like most client industries, much of consulting is being disrupted. One aspect that has changed significantly over the last several years is billing and fees. What was once a pretty straightforward hourly rate or fixed fee has evolved into a more strategic conversation between clients and consulting firms about alternative models—typically performance or success-based models that reward consulting firms for results.

With mandates to determine ROI on projects, it’s not surprising many clients are asking for firms to have a little skin in the game, frequently opting for performance based billing as part, or even all, of its spend. While fixed fees are usually the safest route, savvy firms are embracing these client conversations and are eager to prove value. New pricing and revenue recognition models can prevent client concerns regarding unexpected fees, as well as provide real and attainable project benchmarks.

But getting from hourly or fixed fees to an alternative billing model can be tricky and how a firm approaches the process is key to its ultimate success. To explore this topic, plan to join us online April 25 and uncover answers to such critical questions as:

  • Are alternative billing models right for you? When do they work best?
  • What are best practices in billing—fixed fee vs. standard reoccurring vs. variable?
  • Which fee structures are best for you and the client?
  • What client conversations should you be having about performance-based billing?
  • What billing metrics should be used to determine project success?
  • What steps should your firm be taking right now to run your business more profitably?
  • PLUS—get answers to your own questions by industry experts during the live Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

    Hosted by Consulting Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik, this webinar promises a 360-degree view of the topic from industry experts and leading consultancies. This event is offered free of charge to consulting professionals courtesy of our sponsor, Sage Intacct.

    Sage Intacct helps CFOs access integrated management and financial reports across their business entities – in minutes not days – to grow and drive their businesses. As the only AICPA-preferred financial management solution, Sage Intacct financial management software delivers the automation and controls around billing, accounting and reporting that finance needs to reduce errors, stay audit-ready and scale the business.

    Joseph Kornik
    Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
    Consulting® magazine

    As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Consulting, Joseph Kornik oversees the editorial operations and overall mission of the publication. He is also responsible for the magazine’s Web site and all live and virtual events.

    David A. Fields
    Ascendant Consulting

    David A. Fields is founder of Ascendant Consulting and works with elite, solo and boutique consulting firms worldwide. David also heads Ascendant Consortium, whose clients are a "Who’s Who" of the business world; and he was named one of Advertising Agemagazine's "Marketing Top 100."

    He is the author of two books: The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients: 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom(2017) and The Executive’s Guide to Consultants: How to Find, Hire and Get Great Results from Outside Experts (2012). David's insights are published in IndustryWeek, USA Today, CNN Money, Investor's Business Daily, BusinessWeekand SmartMoney, as well as several other publications.

    Thomas Rodenhauser
    General Manager, ALM Intelligence
    Managing Director, Advisory Services

    Tom has overall business responsibility for ALM Intelligence and Consulting Magazine. He has spent nearly 20 years advising leading management and IT consulting firms on strategic growth, talent management, and market positioning initiatives, as well as analyzed hundreds of consultancies in order to advise clients on best practices in consulting services. As head of ALM Intelligence's Advisory Services and former editor of Consultants News, Tom leverages his own extensive network and industry knowledge with ALM Intelligence's 40-year legacy of highly-referenced consulting industry analysis.
    Jill Novosel
    Director, Client Delivery and Assurance
    West Monroe Partners

    Jill Novosel is Director of Client Delivery and Quality focusing on delivering high value services to West Monroe's clients. Jill is an accomplished consultant with a proven track record for leading and delivering complex customer experience solutions. She has more than 13 years of experience in customer experience with organizations in the Energy and Utility, Healthcare and Professional Services industries defining and implementing technology-enabled business solutions focused on improving their customer experience.

    Brian Siefkes
    Sr. Industry Marketing Manager
    Sage Intacct

    Brian has spent 12 years working with professional services organizations as they face the complexities of growth and expansion within their industry. His focus has been on the intersection of finance and project management to help teams deliver their projects on budget, increase profit, and drive operational efficiency for back-office tasks such as invoicing and reporting.