The Rise of Non-GAAP Performance Measures and the Growing Expectation Gap
Recognizing the importance of this topic to both governance and investment professionals, this webinar is being offered as a joint effort between the CCGG and CFA Society Toronto.

Non-GAAP Performance Measures are often referred to using various terminology including ‘Alternative Performance Measures’ or ‘Corporate Performance Measures’. Essentially, these measures provide indications of how a company is performing apart from the audited financial statements. The webinar will address important topics, including: indications of the prevalence of these measures in corporate reporting, potential benefits and concerns, the roles and responsibilities of auditors, regulators and boards, and approaches taken by various jurisdictions and industries to respond to potential concerns.

In response to demands from investors and investment analysts, public companies are increasingly utilizing non-GAAP Performance Measures to discuss corporate performance. While these measures are informative and provide investors with insight beyond the audited financial statements, the absence of standards in preparing these measures raises potential concerns in several areas including: (1) requiring the identification and clear definition of key measures; (2) consistent calculation of the measures (from period to period); and (3) comparability of performance measures across companies (including those in the same industry). In addition, there is an absence of standards in providing independent assurance of key measures.

Based on our ongoing engagement with public company boards and their information circular disclosure, CCGG has observed that directors regularly review and rely on a range of non-GAAP Performance Measures to inform their decision-making. As an example, these measures are typically a focal point in executive compensation structures and a primary determinant of pay outcomes. Despite the relative prominence of non-GAAP Performance Measures in corporate reporting and board decision-making, information circulars typically do not discuss any efforts undertaken by the board to review and scrutinize these measures and related corporate reporting.
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Date: May 23, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM EDT


Richard Talbot,
CPA, CA, CFA Chair, Advisory Council & former Board Member CFA Society Toronto

Anthony Scilipoti,
FCPA, FCA, CPA (Illinois), President & CEO, Veritas Investment Research Corporation


Tony D’Onofrio,
Director of Board Engagement & Head of Research, The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance