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Thursday, December 08, 2016 4:00 PM GMT / 11:00 AM EST
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The world we live in is becoming ever-more connected as we speed towards the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Our lives at home, at work and everywhere in-between are becoming increasingly dependent on this connectivity and, consequently, on the network operators that provide it.

However, the fabric of this connected world is being attacked by cyber-criminals who exploit vulnerabilities to commit fraud – and, as has been increasingly publicized, mobile networks are not immune to this threat. In fact, this is a ticking time bomb.

But what do mobile subscribers really know and think about these threats? How exposed are they? A year on from this issue coming to the fore, are operators doing enough to combat network attacks and protect their customers?

What attendees will learn:

Based on the results of a survey commissioned by Xura, this webinar will explore the mobile consumer’s view of the risks they face from mobile network vulnerabilities, and the role of the mobile network operator in protecting them.

Attendees will learn:
  • How much subscribers know about cybercrime risks
  • How exposed subscribers are to vulnerabilities in the mobile network
  • Mobile users’ expectations for protection
  • What can be done to protect the network and subscriber
  • And, just for fun: Apple vs Android – which users put themselves at more risk?

Who should attend:
  • Communication service providers striving to put their subscriber’s security needs first.


Mark Windle
Strategy & Marketing Director
Xura Security Solutions


Erik K. Linask
Group Editorial Director