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The use of immersive flight simulators to train and assess pilots’ skills is a familiar fact of life for aviation. Now, for teachers, realistic simulation of their professional environment―the K-12 classroom―is available, providing teachers with the kinds of challenges they will face in the classroom. During this one-hour webinar you will hear about:
  • A range of ways that teacher educators are using simulated elementary, middle school and high school classrooms to allow prospective teachers to practice important skills

  • How classroom simulations are being used to present prospective teachers with known challenges and opportunities they may encounter in practice in the classroom (including communicating with parents and working with students with different profiles)

  • How ETS is collaborating with Mursion to use classroom simulation in performance assessments for prospective teachers as part of the new NOTE assessment designed to measure candidates’ ability to carry out high-leverage instructional practices in the classroom

Join representatives from ETS and Mursion for this free webinar to learn about―and see and hear―a classroom simulator that can place a teacher in an elementary classroom for practice and for assessment of classroom readiness.

This webinar is sponsored by ETS and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. All content presented during the event is provided by ETS and Mursion.

Mark Atkinson, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Mursion, Inc.
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mursion, Inc., the country’s leading virtual reality, simulation platform, where professionals rehearse and master the essential interpersonal skills required to be effective in high stakes careers. Mursion has deployed its virtual reality, simulation platform in more than 80 graduate schools of education in the US. Mursion’s platform was selected as the tool for delivering simulations as part of the National Observational Teaching Exam, which Educational Testing Service is developing in partnership with TeachingWorks at the University of Michigan. Mr. Atkinson also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Educopia, a full service educational consulting firm with a proprietary web platform that delivers custom-developed, performance assessments to K-12 educators. Mr. Atkinson serves on the Board of Directors of PresenceLearning, Inc., The Achievement Network; and the One Purpose School, a San Francisco charter school.


Courtney Bell, Senior Research Scientist, ETS NOTE
Courtney Bell

Courtney Bell is a Senior Research Scientist in ETS’s Understanding Teaching Quality Initiative. She completed her doctorate at Michigan State University in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy after earning her B.A. in Chemistry at Dartmouth College. A former high school science teacher and teacher educator, Courtney’s work focuses on the measurement of teaching and how measures of teaching are understood and used in the policy and practice communities.

As part of her work on a research and development project for initial teacher licensure, Courtney is collaborating with colleagues at ETS, Mursion, and TeachingWorks (University of Michigan) to develop measures of beginning teachers’ content knowledge for teaching and ability to enact high leverage practices in ELA and mathematics.

Frieda Klotz
Frieda Klotz
Frieda Klotz is a journalist and writer based in Brussels. Previously, she was a deputy editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit in New York, responsible for multimedia projects exploring trends in technology, healthcare and other sectors. Her clients included Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and SAP. Frieda's articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Irish Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Forbes Woman, the Guardian, strategy + business magazine, among others.