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ASTM Shakes Things Up: New PML Standard Released.
Managing seismic risk in today’s changing regulatory environment.
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ASTM Shakes Up Seismic Standard

Breaking news: ASTM published changes to their E2026 and E2557 standards for Seismic Risk Assessments and PML reports in early June. The updates are an important step toward providing consistency across the industry, but renewed requirements may also exert upward pressure on cost and timing of certain seismic risk assessments.

This is just the latest in a string of recent shake-ups in the seismic world, including mandatory retrofit ordinances that were implemented in Los Angeles and San Francisco, changes to agency seismic policies, and the inclusion of man-made earthquakes in the USGS hazard map. In this webinar, panelists Joe Derhake, PE and Jay Kumar, PE will address:
  • Details of the ASTM changes, and how they affect the due diligence process.
  • How lenders may interpret and implement the latest standard.
  • How the Cities of LA and SF seismic retrofit ordinances impact investment and lending.
  • The basics of Seismic Risk Assessments and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reports.
  • How seismic risk can be insured.
  • Key considerations for lenders adjusting their policies.
  • Options for real estate owners and tenants to address seismic risk.
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Joe Derhake, PE, Jay Kumar, PE and ASTM Chair Bill Tryon.

Joe Derhake, PE
Partner ESI

Jay Kumar, PE
Technical Director, Structural Engineering Group
Partner ESI

Bill Tryon
ASTM Chair E2018 and Director of Strategic Development
Partner ESI

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