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Thursday, April 14, 2016 01:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT
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Many companies perceive the shift from up-front licensing models to subscription or usage-based models as an all-or-nothing proposition. In reality, many organizations are faced with addressable customer groups that have diverse purchasing processes and buying needs. In order to serve these markets effectively, sales processes that highlight choice and flexibility as competitive differentiators are able carve out a premium positioning.

In this webinar Joshua Bloom, a Partner in the technology practice of pricing consulting leader Simon-Kucher & Partners, will highlight the key decision points that help companies succeed in this balancing act.

Omkar Munipalle, Business Development Director at Gemalto will discuss how a licensing strategy needs to align with the chosen pricing strategy and how companies can leverage Gemalto to execute on their pricing best practices.

If you are
  1. Business leaders who want to gain a competitive edge and explore uncharted business opportunities.
  2. Executives ready to embrace the central role of Software Monetization for Product Leadership
  3. Product Managers looking for new ways to package, price new products and understand how their products are being used by their customers.
  4. Software developers and hardware engineers who want to make sure you build things that can adapt to different pricing models without going back to the drawing board.

This event is for you.


Joshua Bloom
Simon-Kucher & Partners

Omkar Munipalle
Director of Strategy and Business Development, Cloud Monetization


Peter Bernstein
Senior Editor