Wednesday, March 30, 2016 01:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT
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You’ve invested significant money and time in your website, your ecommerce platform, and your marketing initiatives – all to attract and drive on-line business. In a perfect world, these hard-earned visitors would convert to revenue … completely unassisted.

But for most industries, web site conversion rates are in the single digits. Shopping cart abandonment rates? As high as 90%. The revenue left behind in abandoned shopping carts is more than three times greater than what is actually realized by most companies. Converting just a small fraction of this unrealized potential would mean a huge boost to your bottom line.

The reasons for abandonment are many, but most attempts to save these prospective buyers fall short:
  • on-line chat does not satisfy the needs for high consideration or complex purchases
  • retargeting is an afterthought, and too little too late if the buyer already purchased elsewhere
  • triggered emails have limited impact, and assume the buyer actually provide an email address before they abandoned

Jacada SalesEngage is an omnichannel sales solution designed to reduce abandonment and drive revenue by proactively enabling your most at-risk or high-valued buyers to speak immediately with your best sales agents. Jacada SalesEngage:
  • Enables you to define who are your most at-risk or high-valued buyers, and proactively offers them a “concierge service”
  • Immediately connects them with the first available agent
  • Provides the agent with the full context of the buyer’s journey and current activity on your website
  • Automatically establishes a digital connection between the buyers on-line session and the agent
  • Immediately establishes an interactive collaboration room to exchange pictures, videos, documents and co-browse with the buyer.

What attendees will learn:
  • How you can easily target, in real-time, your most valued and at-risk buyers
  • How your existing sales agents can reduce abandonment, increase conversion rates and drive additional revenue
  • How a real-time, interactive collaboration room can help close sales and increase average order value

Who should attend:
  • Sales Executives and Managers (On-Line, eCommerce)
  • CMOs, VPs Marketing
  • Omnichannel, Digital & Online Executives
  • Customer Experience Executives


David Holmes
AVP Omnichannel Solutions


Stefania Viscusi