Mobile Virtual Assistants and being digital in the post-app era
December 17th, 2015 11AM ET

Mobile makes empowering enterprise knowledge workers a complex and challenging task. And while delivering the basics like functional mobile apps and support for BYOD a good first step, you need to set your sights higher for long-term success.

The winners will be those companies that deliver high levels of Mobile Engagement – a compelling user experience and natural interaction that help drive productivity of the Enterprise Knowledge Worker.

You’ll need to tightly integrate relevant enterprise applications, internal and external data sources, communication and collaboration tools with the capabilities of a device and the situational context of each user to render an experience that allows every user to maximize his or her productivity.

Join industry experts from Gartner, Openstream & Cognizant Technology Solutions as they discuss:
  • The key challenges in developing and executing successful Mobile Engagement with your Enterprise Knowledge Workers.
  • The increasing challenge of “Data chaos” and “Digital overload” – and how to navigate through it.
  • How to create a winning User-Experience – not just what the user sees on her device, but how she effectively interacts with the App and collaborates with her team while on the move.
  • How to leverage the power of Cognizant Computing and conversational interfaces by delivering the right experience for the device and situation.
  • And, the role of Enterprise Virtual Assistants in reducing the overall TCO of enhanced Mobile Engagement

Featured Speakers:

Richard Marshall - Research Director, Gartner

Raj Tumuluri - President, Openstream

Dr. Elby Nash - Director, Digital Commercial Transformation and Patient Engagement
Cognizant Technology Solutions

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