Accounting Standards are Evolving for Not-for-Profit Organizations in the Private Sector: Stay Up to Date!

The Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) has approved three projects that will improve the standards followed by not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) in the private sector. These projects are in response to the feedback from private sector stakeholders to the April 2013 AcSB/PSAB joint Statement of Principles, “Improvements to Not-for-Profit Standards.”

The new projects include:
  • Accounting Standards Improvements (Short-term)
  • Reporting Controlled and Related Entities (Medium-term)
  • Contributions (Long-term)
The AcSB has also created a new Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee (NFPAC) to assist the AcSB in improving the standards for NFPOs in the private sector.

Participate in the AcSB’s webinar to learn more about these projects, including the AcSB’s next steps, and get details about the new Committee.

Register now to stay up to date on the AcSB’s activities for NFPOs in the private sector.
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On Demand Date: December 05, 2015
Webinar Date: December 04, 2015
Duration: 60 Minutes

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