Title: Funding: writing a successful grant proposal

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A

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Funding: writing a successful grant proposal

Becoming an independent researcher in academia is crucial to achieving future success. Part of that journey starts with getting your own funding. In this webcast four speakers share their insights into applying for a successful grant. Professor Susan Marriot gives advice on planning your funding applications; Dr Peter Gorsuch will talk about shaping the content for your application to catch the reviewer’s attention; Dr Alejandro Martin-Hobdey will share insights into getting a grant from the European Research Council and Dr Michael Mishkind from the National Science Foundation will talk about how to be successful in their applications.

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Dr. Susan Marriott, BioScience Writers, LLC

Susan Marriott, Ph.D. is President of BioScience Writers, LLC and Professor at Baylor College of Medicine studying mechanisms of cellular transformation. With over 60 publications, Dr. Marriott has served on NIH and ACS grant review panels. In 2001 she co-founded BioScience Writers to provide scientific editing and writing services to the global scientific community.

Dr. Peter Gorsuch, MSC Scientific Editing

Peter Gorsuch runs MSC Scientific Editing, which offers Nature-standard editing and advice to researchers worldwide on their grant applications and research manuscripts. After a Ph.D. on plant physiology and gene expression at the University of York, England, Peter was an Associate Editor in the physical sciences team at Nature.

Dr. Alejandro Martin-Hobdey, European Research Council

Alejandro Martín-Hobdey has a research background in nuclear, atomic and medical physics. He joined the European Commission research programmes in 1994 and has worked at the European Research Council since its inception in 2007. He is currently the Head of Unit for Call and Project Follow-up Coordination.

Dr. Michael Mishkind, National Science Foundation

Michael Mishkind is at the National Science Foundation, where he is program director in the Symbiosis, Defense and Self-recognition program in the Division of Integrative Organismal Systems. With a Ph.D. in cell biology from Stony Brook University, his research interests focus on biotic interactions and stress responses in plants.


Julie Gould, Naturejobs

Julie Gould is the Naturejobs web and advertorial editor at Nature. Naturejobs is the world’s leading dedicated science jobs board, also providing peer-to-peer advice for job seekers.