Learn how HP, SAP and Innovapptive help you Instantly Mobilize to fulfill Gartner's prediction of massive "Enterprise Mobile App Demand" across lines of business (LOB)
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DATE: Thursday, August 13, 2015

8:00 AM PST
10:00 AM CST
11:00 AM EST

Featured Speakers:

William Clark
Global Vice President, Mobile Strategy, SAP

Raghu Bhardvaj
SAP Mobility Offering Leader, HP Enterprise Services

Sundeep Ravande
President and Cofounder, Innovapptive Inc.

The enterprise has a thirst for applications, and it’s becoming more rabid by the day. The problem, however, is that the demand will outstrip capacity. According to Gartner, the demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development reach by five to one – and it recommends bimodal IT and rapid mobile app development to bridge the gap.

Learn how SAP-certified, prepackaged, line of business mobile solutions, along with rapid mobile application development toolkits, and the HP cloud can help you transform business operations, drive productivity, eliminate inefficient costs, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Hear from William Clark, Global Vice President, Mobile Strategy at SAP; Raghu Bhardvaj, Mobility Offering Leader at HP Enterprise Services; and Sundeep Ravande, President and Cofounder at Innovapptive about rising demand that Gartner predicts around enterprise mobile apps and how HP mobility on demand can help you instantly cater to this demand with a pay-as-you-go model.

Further, learn how rapid mobile application development toolkits can help you accelerate your time to market for enterprise mobile applications without having to hire additional skill sets.
  • Learn the best practices organizations should consider to overcome app development challenges
  • Learn how you can prioritize app development by adopting a bimodal IT approach by leveraging SAP Mobile Platform
  • Learn how you can leverage Innovapptive’s rapid mobile application customization tool, with codeless tools to allow those with no programming skills to rapidly assemble mobile app prototypes.
  • Learn how you can augment the value of your SAP Fiori implementation by mobilizing SAP Fiori apps using HP mobility on demand and Innovapptive’s portfolio of 77 apps.