The 8 Second Challenge
 This presentation will be available to audience members until Saturday, January 06, 2024 at 2:59 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The human attention span is down to just eight seconds. (Whoa.) Combine that factoid with over-stuffed inboxes, and you have a recipe for getting lost in email marketing oblivion. Or maybe you don’t. Once you know the landscape, and even embrace it, you can use email to cut through the noise. During this session, experts from Emma will connect their email marketing expertise with what we know about user experience and cognitive behavior, all in the name of helping designers get the marketing results they’re looking for.


We’ll show you:

  • The latest stats on the effectiveness of email as your most personal digital marketing channel

  • How the human brain reacts, both emotionally and analytically, to images and text and what that means for a designer

  • Real-life examples of emails that got great results in spite of today’s shrinking attention spans and why they got them

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