Winning in competitive markets with smarter pay TV
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This webcast explores how pay TV operators can revolutionise premium entertainment services with user experiences that integrate set-tops with the best devices of the CE world and a super-aggregated entertainment service. With insights from Com Hem, TiVo and Verimatrix about the bold and revolutionary Com Hem TiVo offering in Sweden, it looks at the practical considerations when implementing a hybrid broadcast/streaming platform and how you deliver a smarter user experience, including per-user personalization across all screens. It will also explore when and how pay TV operators should expand their platform to encompass competitive OTT offerings. The discussion will cover:

  • Differentiating pay TV in highly competitive markets - Why Scandinavia is a test-bed for the CE/OTT/Pay TV dynamics that may play out in all mature markets. A review of the competitive profiles of pay TV operators that often exist in a given market, and the impact of smart TV and OTT competition on those same pay TV operators. How can they match what consumers want in an ever-expanding service offering.
  • Practical considerations for the hybrid platform operator:  - The multi-network revenue security challenge including harmonized rights and content management across all screens. Achieving a consistent UEX across all screens with cost-effective apps/UI development and maintenance.
  • The rise of the super-aggregator – Defining the super-aggregator and the power of advanced content discovery and holistic service instrumentation. A look at OTT partnership models and how to integrate and present third-party OTT apps, including metadata for universal search. How to capitalize on “big data” from subscriber and network analytics to produce actionable insights that generates revenue.
  • The impact of smarter pay TV - How smarter pay TV can change consumer expectations. Analyzing the customer acquisition and ARPU implications of a smarter service. Balancing your brand prominence when partnering with well-known CE companies

Speakers Include: 

Chair: John Moulding, Editor, Videonet
Asanga Gunatillaka, Chief Product Officer, Com Hem
David Sandford, Vice President and General Manager, International, TiVo
Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix

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