Deals webcast series: Using valuation diligence to uncover deal "blind spots"
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  A full one-third of transactions fail to return the cost of capital and end up destroying shareholder value. The top reasons for transaction failure often boil down to a lack of focus on the gap between market and intrinsic value. Some of the most common traps include:

• Loss of focus on initial value creation logic
• Inherent bias caused by conflicts of interest
• Improper application of finance theory and math and logic errors in valuation models
• Premiums unsupported by cash flows

Topics of discussion will include:
• Recent trends and analysis of deal pricing vs. intrinsic value
• Common deal pricing pitfalls and how to avoid them
• How valuation diligence can help mitigate risks

John Glynn (moderator)
Valuation Services

Aaron Gilcreast
Valuation Services

Rob Fisher
Transaction Services

Mark Holman
PRTM Management Consulting
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