KPMG webinar: Company cars - Does your policy reflect the changing environment?
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  HMRC has announced the company car tax rates for the next three years through to 2022/23. Key points are that:
  • The applicable CO2 related percentages will now depend on whether the vehicles are registered pre or post 6 April 2020;
  • There will be no company car tax for zero emission vehicles for the 2020/21 tax year; and
  • The CO2 related percentage for a number of hybrid vehicles will depend on the electric mileage range.

Does the change in company car tax mean there will be a significant move to electric? Are such vehicles simply inappropriate for certain business needs drivers? Is there sufficient vehicle choice and investment in national infrastructure to support a move to electric?

In our next webinar we will examine the factors which need to be considered when shaping your company car policy for the future and:
  • Whether cash as an alternative to a company car is better for your business and your employees;
  • How to incorporate more electric and hybrid vehicles into your vehicle choice if you retain a car fleet;
  • How fuel costs should be taken into consideration in determining policy;
  • What impact the Optional Remuneration tax rules had on areas such as salary sacrifice and the payment of Mileage Allowances Payments;
  • What other alternatives are available and the implications for the business and your employees; and
  • Whether your employees understand the value and costs of their company car and how this could be communicated to staff.
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