Digital Publishing and MathML: A Webinar Conversation

Wednesday  November 6  1:00 pm EST  l  10:00 am PST

MathML has long been treated as a second class citizen in digital publishing. All math, from elementary school to research, should be more than just an image substituted for real semantic markup in publications.

Even though MathML is supposed to be a first class citizen in HTML5 implementations, both modern EPUB and Kindle-based reading systems and apps are still crippled for publishers looking to distribute scientific, technical, engineering and medical publications.  

Currently, only Firefox and Safari offer partial native support for rendering MathML on desktops, and only Safari for iOS offers native partial support for it in mobile environments. All other browser and eBook reading systems require 3rd party platforms to process MathML using an open source JavaScript display engine.

Join two MathML veterans, Jean Kaplansky, Aptara's Solutions Architect, and Peter Krautzberger, Manager of MathJax, on Wednesday, November 6 to discuss the current MathML landscape, best practices for working around today’s digital limitations, and next steps for making MathML a first class digital publishing citizen.

Topics will include:

  1. A brief overview of MathML, and why this specification is important to all publishers.
  2. A consideration of publishing issues related to MathML based on experience working with MathML in print publishing production.
  3. A consideration of related technologies that are required to make MathML "go"; specifically the need for specific character sets and fonts to be used in print and digital publishing.
  4. A consideration of technologies required to make publications with integrated math accessible to all readers.

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