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[00:01:13.04] Lambert author reading picture but the children
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[00:01:30.04] And we have Emily provoke me to be an educator at the Eric Carl you be in the picture book art Again
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[00:02:23.07] In 1977 I and we also host a biannual children's literature summer institute I share all of this because I'm not only a cookie and send them out the car graduate not really where I began my work on the public approach when I studied the picture book I'm at a graduate and just fell in love with the picture look at visual art on
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[00:05:01.02] He involved in the hold touch when we move ahead and defined a little clearly what exactly this
[00:06:07.06] And I learned about visual thinking strategy which was the approach that the car was planning to you
[00:07:06.08] In this dialogic reading at with Art and design face I was learning so much about picture books and I would having so much fun until I Darted of moving from just kind of doing things and she was asleep to doing things a great intention in my storytime interdependent because I'm terminology and getting kids talking about all that they saw and heard a story And will be giving me some more pointers about how to (we need to go but
[00:08:29.02] Acquitted out what would be but like if a conversation on where we got lighting and all that picture but has to offer on and I think Emily can really speak to her work at the car with the whole book approached and how she should get expectations or a perception about what I forgot to look like
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[00:10:06.08] Together and he would have to offer and look at it very physically
[00:11:01.04] In all of them all to come together to make that the heart object and how exciting that can be to examine the choice and then to open that up to children where we might not typically think they could Handle such a conversation and to prove that not only can I handle it they can take each of the thing or two along the way was really exciting to read so