Information Risk Management: Aligning Records, Privacy, Cyber & eDiscovery
 This presentation will be available to audience members until Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
Information is an organization’s most valuable asset. However, the more data an organization retains, the less its value as it becomes increasingly time-consuming to manage, more difficult to quickly access when necessary, and higher risk as a part of a growing corpus of discoverable data. Managing so much information can also take focus away from protecting the most important information assets. To manage their data, many organizations have designated a variety of teams that focus on four distinct information-related areas: records management, cybersecurity, privacy, and e-discovery. Each team tends to tackle its area independently, leaving countless opportunities for synergies as well as savings on the table. In this webcast, we will discuss a better model for information risk management: aligning the four areas under an integrated, risk-based operating model. We will discuss how a coordinated approach, allows organizations to: defensibly reduce risk by disposing of unnecessary data, improving security while achieving its information management goals, maximizing the value of its information assets, and reduce an organization’s risk profile. We will focus on how organizations can transform themselves from a reactive position—responding to information risks only when presented—to a visionary stance, in which they are strategically and proactively managing and protecting information.
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