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Achieving Business Success with the Right Technology Services Partner
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Major shifts in technology and business environments are driving new priorities for selecting technology partners. Business buyers now have greater ability to self-provision technology solutions and are taking a more active role in selecting and managing technology partners. At the same time, technology buyers (from both business and technology management groups) face high stakes for achieving business agility and flexibility to stay competitive in fast-moving markets.

To further investigate these trends and what they mean to your technology decision making, Forrester Consulting recently conducted a custom survey of business executives in three functions: sales, procurement, and HR.

Join us for a Webinar replay featuring Forrester's Liz Herbert, vice president, principal analyst, and Richard Campitelli, Global Head, CRM Services, SAP. Originally recorded on Thursday, November 6, Liz discussed how technology partner decision making is changing and what it means to you, including:
  • What matters to business buyers and implications to technology management professionals
  • Working with the services arm of your software provider versus third-party services partners in the ecosystem
  • How your peers judge the success of their technology services partnership
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