Protecting and Securing Your Mobile Applications
 This presentation is no longer available.

In today's security conscious world, many businesses need a solution that can provide advanced security for mobile apps without disrupting the user experience. Recently announced mobile security breaches for retailers and consumer products companies have made us all painfully aware of the need to secure mobile applications. Attend this best practice session to learn how SAP Customers are leveraging SAP Mobile App Protection, part of the SAP Mobile Secure portfolio and learn first hand from the experts why security is so important.  Gain a view into what it takes to build a strong mobile app security strategy and speed your mobile deployments while ensuring the strictest security requirements are met.  This session will also help you better understand how  SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana helps organizations accelerate mobile initiatives by automating application security and take advantage of its app-wrapping technology to quickly secure existing corporate and third-party applications without having to write any code. 

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