DorobekINSIDER LIVE: I'm Talking to You: How Data is Changing the Face of Citizen Engagement
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Better data means better customer service. Consider the way Amazon uses your purchasing history to suggest items that you should also add to your cart. You always wanted a limited edition VSC tape or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- and now its right there in front of you.

Government is using data as a customer service model, too. Do you have a pothole on your street? There are mobile apps in many cities you can use to alert the transportation department. Got an idea on how to better utilize park funds? There's an online public forum geared towards you.

Data is leading not only to improved customer service, but to more robust service. In a recent online training out panel of experts discussed how data is changing citizen engagement.

Regiser for the on-demand training to learn:

  • How governments are changing the way they engage with citizens using technology.

  • How data-driven marketing and outreach can help deliver better outcomes to citizens.

  • Why responsive designed websites are not just cool, but necessary.

  • How you can jumpstart better citizen engagement in your agency.

  • New tools for improved citizen engagement and what NOT to do.

There's no silver bullet for better citizen engagement -- but better data can help you get there. Register for our free training to learn how.

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