Advanced Multiscreen Engagement & Monetisation Strategies
 This presentation is no longer available.

This live webcast investigates how content owners can maximise consumer engagement and monetisation on their multiscreen TV services. It considers the impact that a well-executed multiscreen strategy has on viewing behaviour, how you can get consumers to spend more time watching and interacting with a content brand and how this engagement can be turned into revenue, including through advertising.

The one-hour discussion considers the potential role of data gathering and analysis and the benefits that a good data strategy delivers to viewers, broadcasters and advertisers.

This is a live interactive discussion with questions from audience members. Please register to listen live online and participate in the debate. 


  • Kevin Gallagher, CIO, Channel 4
  • Daniel Thunberg, SVP, Commercial, Piksel
  • Richard BroughtonDirector, Broadband, IHS Technology

​Moderator - John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

The webinar will start at 1600 CEST / 1500 BST / 1000 EDT on Tuesday 24th June.  

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