Upgrading to IBM Cognos BI V10.2.1
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View this webcast and take a clear, deep dive into the aspects of an IBM Cognos BI V10.2.1 upgrade that matter most to you. Whatever questions have kept you from upgrading, we have answers for you.

Many customers have upgraded from IBM Cognos BI V8.4 to IBM Cognos BI V10.2.1 so we have seen firsthand how to maximize the benefits of the latest capabilities and apply best practices for a seamless upgrade.

We will provide answers to your key upgrade questions, including:
  • What's in it for me?: See new platform features — like archiving, multi-tenancy and external object store — that address your day-to-day pains and benefit users
  • How do I maximize performance?: Learn about system requirements for new processes and services, so you can avoid performance impacts
  • How do I set up my users for success?: Find out how to confidently communicate the benefits of new capabilities to your users and how they can apply them to address their needs.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to plan and execute a successful upgrade to IBM Cognos BI V10.2.1 and become a hero with users and management.

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