How System-Level Modelling Will Help RoboThespian Walk
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4th December 2013 | 2pm GMT

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More and more engineers are turning to physical modelling and system-level design as an efficient, effective means of achieving their goals.

Join this webinar and hear how system-level modelling can be used to tackle the complex challenges inherent in developing a full-sized, dynamic humanoid robot and other mechatronic/multi-domain designs plus:

  • How you can solve your mechatronic and multi-domain problems.
  • How you can meet your design budgets, safety & environmental standards and time to market. 
  • The techniques for analysing physical interactions by studying the underlying equations that model system behaviour.
  • What advantages you can gain from virtual prototoyping.                                                                                                          


Related resources:

  • Multi-domain physical modelling and simulation [free white paper here]
  • RoboThespian demonstration videos here

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