What Does a Modern Approach to Permitting & Planning System Look Like?
 This presentation is no longer available.

Planners and land management professionals are no stranger to permit tracking systems. At best the early versions helped governments manage the status of projects. So what's different about today's systems? Well for starters there's a more holistic land management approach to connecting the various workflows and departments that are engaged in the processes of plan submissions, development review, zoning and regulations review, inspections, and much more.

Modern land management systems use maps and GIS analysis tools, provide executive dashboards, support your back office and mobile workforces, and extend the information and tools to citizens for reporting and query capabilities.

In a recent online trianing, GovLoop, Esri and Accela teamed up to discuss what this modern approach looks like. Specifically, we discussed:

  • A roadmap for understanding how land management systems fit today's work environment.

  • Case studies on how governments are making this more modern approach work.

  • A checklist of things to consider.

Although the live date has come and gone you can still register to view the training on-demand.


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