DorobekINSIDER Live: Surviving the Cybersecurity Nightmare - Helping Your Agency Be More Secure
 This presentation is no longer available.

Nothing sends shivers down the spines of agency CIOs more than hearing, "We've been hacked." But preventing a cyber attack is only half the battle when it comes to creating a robust cybersecurity plan at your agency. Furthermore, the White House has made cybersecurity a top priority, calling for increased collaboration and partnerships across sectors. Now, more than ever before, government leaders must focus on cyber, and protecting confidential data and information.

In a recent online chat, Chris Dorobek, host of the DorobekINSIDER Live, and a panel of thought leaders shared what's next for government and cybersecurity. Specifically, they discussed:

  • How agencies are implementing cybersecurity best practices and remaining FISMA compliant despite budget cuts.

  • Why hackers have the talent advantage on government and how government can hire the best and the brightest cyber analysts.

  • What's next on the cyber horizon when it comes to threats and technology.

Although the live date has come and gone you can still register to view the on-demand session.

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