Smarter Cities: How to Transform Social Programs Through Data and Analytics
 This presentation is no longer available.
Globally, cities are linking data and analytics to deliver greater value and outcomes to citizens. Leading organizations recognize the clear link between health and wellness of individuals and the economic and social vitality of the communities in which they live. This has inspired the concept of Smarter Care, which places an emphasis on collaboration across government boundaries, social programs, life sciences, health plans and providers. With the Smarter Care approach, cities are leveraging IT systems to provide a holistic view of a citizen across government domains. Smarter Care leverages new and existing data sources to drive a deeper level of engagement for more consistent and optimized outcomes and lower costs.
In this on-demand training session we share how to leverage data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your social programs. Specifically. participants will:
  • Learn how to synthesize knowledge and analyze large, complex care-related data sets to cut costs and improve services
  • Identify strategies to manage information with multiple stakeholders to create a holistic view of a citizen
  • Collaborate across boundaries to drive individual wellness and community vitality
  • Connect with peers to learn leading strategies to improve service delivery in the public sector .

Speakers include:

  • Shelley Mills-Brinkley, IBM Global Business Services Partner and Worldwide Integration Executive for Cúram Software

  • Daniel Stein, Managing Partner, Stewards of Change

  • Jennifer Trombley, Business Enterprise Architect, Minnesota Department of Human Services

The world is changing and now government agencies must leverage data in new ways to meet increasing citizen demands. Join us to find out how your agency can become a leader in delivering better social programs to citizens.
Although the live date has come and gone you can still register to view the on-demand training session and download helpful resources.

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