Telework: Tools and Trends
 This presentation is no longer available.
We've all heard that "work isn't where we go; it's what we do" adage a hundred times. Although this is true, telework takes more than a laptop. It takes strong management, performance tools and a firm grasp of technology.
In our recent online chat Chris Dorobek, host of the DorobekINSIDER Live, and a panel of thought leaders discussed how to make telework more effective in your agency. Specifically, they shared:
  • Case studies of successful teleworking programs
  • The tools now and on the horizon that make telework possible
  • The future of telework and where the trend is going
The agency of the future will be increasingly mobile, modular and measurable, and technology will serve as a key driver of this trend.
Although the live date has come and gone you can still register to view the on-demand session and download helpful resources.

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