Using the Innovations Exchange to Develop Health Professional Competencies

  Join the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange for an in-depth dialogue to explore how the Innovations Exchange’s rich collection of novel health care practices and tools is being used to develop competencies for nurses and interdisciplinary teams. The Innovations Exchange can help to address a variety of practical and theoretical goals, including:
  • Familiarizing health care professionals with concrete approaches to transforming health care delivery in accordance with the goals of the Institute of Medicine, the National Quality Strategy and the Affordable Care Act
  • Using case studies of innovation practices to examine how health care organizations adopt and adapt service delivery and policy to solve local problems
  • Using case studies of innovations as part of a curriculum focused on improvement and implementation science
The Innovations Exchange is relevant for all levels of inter-professional education including the baccalaureate level, graduate level education, and professional development. This dialogue will provide concrete examples of how to use the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange in the classroom and staff development.

This presentation will begin on September 18, 2013 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time.
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