What's New in IBM SPSS Statistics
 This presentation is no longer available.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 11:00 AM CDT

IBM SPSS Statistics continues to add groundbreaking features to its predictive analytics techniques through improved tools, output, and ease-of-use features. This release focuses on increasing the analytic capabilities of the software. Register for and attend the What’s New in IBM SPSS Statistics our live webinar to view firsthand how you can:
  • Produce presentation or publication-ready output that is easy for audiences to understand
  • View interactive SPSS Statistics output on smart devices, such as Smartphones and tablets
  • Build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain, including Simulating Strings, Automatic Linear Modeling, Heat Maps, and more with the Monte Carlo simulation capability
  • Utilize specialized techniques to speed performance and improve productivity and effectiveness
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