It’s About the SHAPE – Designing with Aluminum Extrusion
Extruded aluminum components and assemblies are increasingly used in a myriad of applications. Whether for skylights, canopies, BIPV elements, bridges, interior furnishings or the building envelope, extrusions offer aesthetic potential, a high degree of cost-saving functionality, design flexibility and environmental attributes. Yet extrusions’ almost limitless design possibilities present unique challenges: • How should shapes be designed for minimal system cost and optimal manufacturing • How can shapes be optimized to meet structural requirements • How do the economics of extrusion-based structures compare to alternative materials • What are practical limits to the use of recycled content This one-hour webinar will discuss the attributes of extruded aluminum that make it a material of promise for product designers and engineers, and then focus on the “practicalities” of extrusion design: alloy selection, “best practice” in profile design, and structural evaluation. In addition, the sustainability aspects of extrusions, and their comparative economics will be discussed. Following this session, the attendee will be able to better: • Assess aluminum and aluminum extrusion vs. alternative materials • Assess component designs for efficiency and effectiveness • Understand aluminum’s environmental aspects and contribution to “green” buildings • Direct structural evaluation of alternative extrusion designs
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