Achieving Customer Satisfaction with Application Performance Management
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Today's businesses rely on a wide variety of critical business applications. When these applications perform poorly, customer satisfaction is impacted. When they fail, business grinds to a halt, potentially costing millions of dollars. From complex business applications like SAP, to communications platforms like email servers, to mission critical custom applications - these applications are often distributed across complex infrastructures. Infrastructures increasingly running on heterogenous, virtual environments sometimes include the mainframe platform. Siloed management tools or management tools that only cover one or two platforms are not enough to ensure the performance of critical applications. Agile IT organizations need broad platform coverage; powerful infrastructure and application monitoring; sophisticated reporting and dashboards; and a solution that leverages analytics to help provide actionable insight from all the performance data collected.


John Dinger
Distinguished Engineer, Lead Architect Application Performance Management

John Dinger is a Distinguished Engineer with IBM, focusing on Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure product development since 1999. John has worked in the field of management solutions and networking protocol development for over 30 years. His teams have built and delivered management products and solutions for Telecommunications and traditional Enterprise clients. He has specialized most recently in Application Performance management, Event management and Correlation systems, and in Network management.

Erin Burke
Program Director
Tivoli Service Availability and Performance Management

Erin Burke is a Program Director in the Tivoli Service Availability and Performance Management product group, with worldwide responsibility for Analytics and Consolidated Operations. Portfolio components include: OMNIbus, Impact, Tivoli Business Service Management, TADDM, Log Analytics, and Predictive Analytics.

Erin is responsible for the strategy and direction of Tivoli's analytics offerings and the business service management suite of offerings. She holds an BS in Operations Management with a concentration in information systems, and an MBA.
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