Social Services: Combating Hidden Attacks
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Social service agencies battle numerous challenges, including massive case overload, accommodating new compliance regulations, expanding day to day programs, and caseload expansion. There is also a different kind of challenge: many are under outright attacks on Program Integrity. While we might wish that this is not a significant issue in “our” shop, the reality is that it is more common than any of us would like to believe. The sophistication level of social services fraudsters has risen. They have very clever ways to “work” the system by: • masking their true identities • misleading disclosures of income, benefits, and assets • hiding relationships Their intent is to deceive and take what really belongs to deserving citizens. This results in fewer benefits for those deserving, and the need for increased program budgets to compensate for improper payments. Join IBM industry experts, to learn how you can address program integrity and hear how incorporating entity analytics into program integrity solutions is helping agencies outsmart fraudsters. See a live demo of how this smarter technology helps detect hidden attacks, and most importantly, how to get in front of them to prevent fraud before it occurs.

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