The Evolution to VoIP: Why it Makes Sense in 2013

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  VoIP technology has been driving value and performance for government agencies for many years. As the threat of budget constraints continue, public sector IT organizations are looking to invest in technology that will ultimately help reduce expenses while improving performance. In this webcast, we will show how government agencies are able to accomplish both by migrating off of a legacy TDM or Centrex system and onto an IP platform.

If you are considering the move to IP, or have in the past and decided the time wasn't right, now is the time to look at making a change. With the convergence of unified communications applications, video conferencing and virtual desktops, by taking a strategic architectural approach IT organizations are able to provide their users with a better experience, while lowering operational costs. In this first of three webinars focused on technologies that can help IT organizations achieve their strategic collaboration initiatives, you will hear from technology experts and customers who have deployed VoIP and have been able to expand their collaboration capabilities and save money.


Marci Carpenter, Public Sector Collaboration Systems Engineer, Cisco

Steven Ferguson, Network Manager, Technical Colleges of Georgia

Matt Mandrgoc, Director of Public Sector Collaboration, Cisco

Lee McChesney, Telecom Manager, Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas

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