Technology Forecast: Solving business problems with game-based design
  Event Overview:

This webcast will explore the wide range of video game design techniques that can be used in non-game environments for business benefit.

Our speakers include:
  • Christopher Carfi, Director of Customer Impact/Social Business at PwC
  • Alan Morrison, Senior Research Fellow at PwC's Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and issue editor of the firm's Technology Forecast
  • Ari Lightman, Professor and Director at Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO Institute
During this meeting, we will discuss three key topics:

The game-based redesign of business: Techniques long used in video games are now being used in business to engage and motivate the workforce and inspire customers online. Businesses can take tips from gamers on how to motivate and challenge stakeholders and how to modify their online environments to enrich interaction.

Improving the customer and employee experience with gaming technology: Enterprises that readily mix capable user experience design, psychology, social group dynamics, and enterprise architecture will reap the greatest rewards. There are straightforward ways to start small when it comes to gamification, but enterprises should plan over the long term for the more ambitious efforts that are sure to follow.

Getting past the hype of gamification: For most CIOs, the first reaction to gamification is dismissal, either because game approaches just don’t feel like they belong in serious business or because the CIO team’s agenda is already overloaded with mobility, social media, cloud, big data analytics, IT security and other major initiatives already underway. Our point of view is that dismissing the opportunities foregoes some very tangible benefits as well as a creative way to make IT much more productive.

Christopher Carfi
Director of Customer Impact/Social Business
Alan Morrison
Senior Research Fellow
CTI and Issue Editor, Technology Forecast
Ari Lightman
Professor and Director
CIO Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University

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