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Going Digital: How eduKan Improved Access, Affordability, and Achievement with a New Strategy for Course Materials
  In 2011 eduKan, a 6-college consortia in western Kansas for online education since 1999 serving students in 41 states, faced a challenge. Students were unprepared for their course on day one because the students were delaying textbook purchases in order to shop around for the best price, or they had purchased an older edition in order to save, or they chose not to purchase a textbook. Without the correct course materials students were ill-prepared and their ability to complete the course successfully was in jeopardy.

The solution they devised not only increased access to affordable materials, but it also provided meaningful insights into student engagement and gave faculty more choice over individual course materials.

In this FREE webinar presented by The Chronicle of Higher Education, eduKan, and Pearson, eduKan will share their experiences of going digital - the unexpected benefits and lessons learned from both the administration and the faculty point of view.

Join presenters Dr. Mark Sarver, CEO of eduKan, and Marcia Hatcher, Business Division Chair at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, as they present their experience with:
  • Working with Pearson to convert all textbooks to digital and allowing the faculty to choose from the full library of content - down to the individual asset and learning objective.
  • Embedding new digital content directly into their LMS in order to improve student experience
  • Meaningful metrics on student engagement with learning resources
  • Lessons learned and speed bumps

This webinar is sponsored by Pearson and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. All content presented during the event is provided by eduKan and Pearson.
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