Worldwide Sustainability Services Revisited in Manufacturing
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Manufacturers worldwide continue to improve their environmental performance for many reasons, including cost savings, satisfying customer needs or stakeholder requirements, or creating opportunities to step ahead of the competition.

Because manufacturers don't always have sufficient internal resources to invest in improving their environmental footprint, IDC Manufacturing Insights believes that manufacturers will increasingly turn to professional services organizations for strategic and tactical support and for efficiency and expertise related to environmental compliance and sustainability needs. Manufacturers often require external support to execute them in a timely and cost-efficient manner; others require the combination of business and sustainability expertise a service provider can offer.

In this webcast, we'll highlight the types of projects manufacturers are giving to service providers and the reasons why they selected those partners, especially those factors that contributed to successful engagements, including:

  • The vendor's skills in project management and flexibility during the engagement
  • A project focus on delivering a combination of financial/business and environmental benefits
  • The ability to engage with a combination of stakeholders, eg executives, clients, or multiple facilities
  • An emphasis on efficiency, either by delivering on time and/or providing a flexible workforce at a lower cost than internal options
This research is based upon information gathered from manufacturers and those vendors that participated in the report including Accenture, Capgemini, Fujitsu, HCL, IBM, Infosys, KPMG, PwC, and TCS. All of the participating vendors demonstrated their ability to provide high quality sustainability services to manufacturers, and in the webcast, we'll discuss how their offerings differ and the level of maturity of those offerings. When buying sustainability services, manufacturers often select a vendor they've worked with in the past and not necessarily on sustainability-related challenges. We'll consider this fact when we identify additional factors manufacturers should keep in mind when evaluating vendors' compliance and sustainability services.

Join IDC Manufacturing Insights practice director, Kimberly Knickle, and IDC program vice president for IDC's Project-Based Services research, Cushing Anderson, for this complimentary one-hour web conference as they share their research.
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