CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Conference

  Innovations in Gender, Sex, and Health Research:
Every Cell is Sexed, Every Person is Gendered

  November 22-23, 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For more information about the IGH conference and keynote speaker bios, please visit the conference website:
1. Why Do We Need an Institute of Gender and Health? Presented by Dr. Chloe E. Bird, RAND Corporation
2. Of Boys and Men: The State of the Science on Boys’ and Men’s Health. Presented by Dr. Larry Goldenberg, University of British Columbia; Dr. John Oliffe, University of British Columbia; and Dr. Yves Tremblay, Laval University. Moderated by Dr. Blye Frank, Dalhousie University

3. The X Factor: Accounting for Sex in Biomedical Research. Presented by Dr. Gillian Einstein, University of Toronto; Dr. Olga Kovalchuk, University of Lethbridge; and Dr. Jeffrey S. Mogil, McGill University. Moderated by Dr. Sonia Lupien, University of Montreal

4. From Knowledge to Action: Using Sex, Gender and Health Research to Improve Policy and Practice. Presented by Dr. Paula A. Johnson, Harvard University
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