Will Your Support Strategy Scale for Mobile Apps?
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Mobile apps are transforming financial services, field services, health care, retail, and nearly every industry. They enable users to complete business critical tasks at the optimal time and place, such as a point of sale, an accident site, or a patient’s home. Modern workers are dependent on apps to perform their jobs and modern businesses are dependent on apps to operate.

CIO and AetherPal conducted a study of IT decision makers to assess how they were supporting the wave of new apps and the resulting explosion in support requests, how users’ expectations are evolving, and how enterprises are adapting their support strategies.

Join this webinar to learn how these trends are affecting other enterprises and the tools available to address these growing requirements.
Featured Speakers:
Daniel Deeney - CEO, AetherPal
Mitch Berk - Vice President, Product Management, AetherPal
Stan Gibson - Contributing Editor, IDG Strategic Marketing Services

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